VR Brain Training For Athletic Departments

Optimize Athletic & Academic Performance

A VR cognitive training system designed for athletic directors to elevate your students and faculty.

NeuroTrainer combines industry-leading virtual reality, data science and neuroscience to improve the cognitive skills important to high performers.

Optimize Athletic Performance

Boost win rates with improved focus, faster decision-making, and quicker reaction times, essential for athletic excellence.

Promote Academic Success

Enhance concentration and schoolwork behavior in academic settings, promoting well-rounded student athletes.

Propel Your Program

Differentiate your program with our pioneering cognitive training, securing a competitive edge that attracts and develops elite talent.

The All-in-One Cognitive Training Suite

Elevate your athletic department with the cutting-edge in cognitive enhancement. NeuroTrainer’s VR technology is specifically designed to improve focus, decision-making, and resilience among athletes and students alike.

NeuroTrainer VR App

VR platform for immersive cognitive skill development.

NeuroTrainer Analytics

Real-time data analysis and reporting on athlete progress.

NeuroTrainer Companion App

Mobile-enabled app for student athlete tracking and success.

NeuroTrainer Prime

Rapid mental activation tools for pre-game and practice readiness.


Learn how NeuroTrainer Improved Skutt Catholic Volleyball's Aces by 60% and Reduced Serve Errors by 48%.


Unlock Peak Performance With Precision Training

NeuroTrainer uses virtual reality to improve key cognitive skills that impact performance in every sport.

Automated Training

Let our AI-driven platform provide tailored cognitive workouts, ensuring athletes train smarter, not harder.

Tailored Solutions

Deploy customized training plans that align perfectly with your school’s specific needs.

Comprehensive Coverage

All teams, from varsity to junior varsity, benefit from NeuroTrainer’s expansive library of cognitive drills.

Interested to learn how NeuroTrainer can impact your department?


Use NeuroTrainer regularly before practices and games to measurably improve cognitive abilities.


Enhanced focus in game and academic situations allow you to block out distractions and get in the zone.

Reaction Time

Improve your reaction time so you can respond instinctively to any situation and be where you need to be on time.

Decision Making

Make the right decision more quickly when it matters so you can take that shot or make that pass on time.

Sports Vision

Expand your peripheral vision and see more of the court or field, as well as improve your visual speed of processing.

Situational Awareness

Enhance your awareness of your surroundings so you can keep tabs on players and opponents with ease.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Boost your hand-eye coordination so you can get your hands on the ball more often and take more accurate shots.


Drive Athletic and Academic Excellence

NeuroTrainer has been shown to improve academic performance across a variety of metrics.

Elevate Schoolwork Behavior

Optimize training plans for focus enhancement, supporting improved concentration and performance in academic settings.

Immediate Impact

Utilize mental activation and priming techniques to see instant improvements in focus and decision-making abilities on the court or in the classroom.

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage detailed analytics to refine strategies and amplify both athletic and academic outcomes.

"Launching a pilot study with NeuroTrainer to measure attention and ADHD related behaviors has been an exciting opportunity for us. We are thrilled to see our students responding positively to this engaging and unique platform. With its cutting-edge technology, NeuroTrainer has found its place at One City."
Jeremy Clements
Athletic Director, One City Schools


NeuroTrainer shown to improve ADHD symptoms by up to 36%


Energize your mental wellness initiatives with a powerful science-based tool

Provide a solution to ease anxiety and burnout for your athletes and coaches

Optimized For Focus

Enhance your athletes resilience and mental toughness with modules designed to enhance focus and concentration, helping them deal with the stresses of student athlete life.

Modern Training Tools

Provide your athletes with the latest in cognitive training technology, empowering them to excel and grow.

Backed by the NSF

Get the latest in neuroscience-based cognitive training with technology build in partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Developed in partnership with the National Science Foundation to develop innovative solutions and improve overall cognitive health for students and athletes.

The National Science Foundation’s SBIR Grant Recipient

"I am a major over-thinker. NeuroTrainer helps me practice the ability to move on from mistakes."
Haley Lawson
Athlete, Northwestern Soccer
“NeuroTrainer has added a new level of discipline to our program. When athletes come out, they feel a lot sharper than before they went in."
Chris Gravel
Head Coach, Hillsdale College Volleyball

Interested to learn how NeuroTrainer can impact your department?


Empower your coaching staff with the best tools available to help them succeed

Foster coach wellness by improving focus and freeing up time and resources to do what they do best - coach.

Free Up Time & Resources

Foster coach wellness by improving focus and freeing up time and resources to do what they do best – coach.

Reduce Staff Burnout

Each NeuroTrainer Athletic Department Package comes with unlimited coach licenses, so your coaches can train their focus and performance right alongside their athletes.

Help Drive Accountability

Foster new levels of accountability with coach dashboard tools so they can monitor and drive performance in their programs. Athlete companion apps help keep athletes accountable to their progress.


Differentiate Your Program with a Unique, Competitive Edge, Attracting Top-Tier Talent

Establish your department as an innovation leader, securing a competitive edge that attracts and develops elite talent.

Secure a Competitive Advantage

Set your athletic programs apart with cutting-edge cognitive training that translates into noticeable performance gains on the court and field, leading to superior game-day outcomes.

Attract Elite Athletes

Position your program as a forward-thinking, innovative leader in athlete development, appealing to top-tier talent seeking advanced training tools and methodologies.

Engage Athletes with Competitive Leaderboards

Keep your athletes engaged with fun, fast-paced challenges and streamlined leaderboard that can be displayed on any smart TV.

Interested to learn how NeuroTrainer can impact your department?

Easy Integration Into Coaching Programs

NeuroTrainer is powered by Meta Quest VR headsets, the industry leader in virtual reality training programs. 

Designed for coaches and educators at every level.

Hundreds of coaches & educators have turned to NeuroTrainer to get an edge on the court, field and classroom.

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FAQ's For Athletic Directors

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's find the answers to your questions.

NeuroTrainer is an advanced cognitive training system designed to enhance athletic performance through virtual reality (VR) technology. By focusing on the neural aspects of sports, it helps athletes improve their decision-making, reaction time, and focus. Research-backed and developed in collaboration with leading sports scientists, NeuroTrainer offers a unique approach to training that complements physical practice and can lead to significant improvements on the field.

NeuroTrainer is designed to be a seamless addition to your athletic training regimen. The system requires minimal equipment and setup time, making it easy to integrate into your daily routines. Our team works closely with coaches and athletic directors to customize training modules that align with your specific sport’s demands and performance goals. This personalized approach ensures that your athletes can maximize the benefits of cognitive training alongside their physical workouts.

Absolutely. NeuroTrainer’s adaptive training technology is suitable for athletes across all sports and levels of competition. Whether you’re overseeing a high school basketball team, a collegiate football program, or elite-level track and field athletes, NeuroTrainer can tailor its cognitive exercises to meet the unique needs and challenges of each sport and athlete level, ensuring that everyone can benefit from enhanced cognitive abilities.

Athletic programs that incorporate NeuroTrainer into their training protocols can expect measurable improvements in athletes’ cognitive functions, including faster reaction times, better decision-making under pressure, and improved focus during competitions. These cognitive gains translate into superior on-field performance, with athletes able to anticipate and react to plays more effectively. Programs using NeuroTrainer have reported higher win rates, fewer in-game errors, and overall enhanced athletic performance.

The safety and well-being of athletes are paramount at NeuroTrainer. Our system is designed with a focus on non-physically demanding cognitive exercises, reducing the risk of physical injury. Additionally, all our training modules are developed in accordance with the latest sports science research to ensure they are not only effective but also safe for cognitive development. The system was developed in partnership with the National Science Foundation, as well as neuroscientists from Vanderbilt, and University of Rochester. 

NeuroTrainer is a software solution that operates exclusively on the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, a widely available and cost-effective virtual reality platform. We do not sell hardware directly, as our focus is on providing the most advanced cognitive training software for athletes. This approach allows us to ensure that our software is accessible and can be easily integrated into athletic programs of any size. Licensing NeuroTrainer means gaining access to our comprehensive customer success services, designed to streamline the setup process and ensure your department can quickly benefit from our cognitive training system with minimal effort. Our team is committed to guiding you through every step, from initial setup to ongoing support, making it effortless to incorporate NeuroTrainer into your training regimen.

Getting started with NeuroTrainer is simple. Contact us through our website to schedule a demo and consultation with our team. We’ll discuss your program’s specific needs, goals, and how NeuroTrainer can be integrated into your training regimen. From there, we’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment and training to launch the system within your athletic department.

Download ADHD Whitepaper

Download “The Effects of Cognitive Training on Attention and Schoolwork in Students”

Learn how NeuroTrainer impacted ADHD symptoms in students, with results including a 7.5% improvement in schoolwork behavior, and a 14.3% improvement in ADHD severity.