VR Brain Training For Coaches & Youth Sports Teams

Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

A VR cognitive training system designed for coaches to enhance cognitive skills that drive performance.

NeuroTrainer combines industry-leading virtual reality, data science and neuroscience to improve the cognitive skills important to high performers.

Optimize Athletic Performance

Boost win rates with improved focus, faster decision-making, and quicker reaction times, essential for athletic excellence.

Whole Athlete Development

Enhance concentration and schoolwork behavior in academic settings, promoting well-rounded student athletes.

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate your program with our pioneering cognitive training, securing a competitive edge that attracts and develops elite talent.

The All-in-One Cognitive Training Suite

Elevate your coaching with the latest in cognitive training technology. NeuroTrainer’s VR system is engineered to enhance focus, decision-making, and resilience in young athletes, setting a new standard in sports training.

NeuroTrainer VR App

VR platform for immersive cognitive skill development.

NeuroTrainer Analytics

Real-time data analysis and reporting on athlete progress.

NeuroTrainer Companion App

Mobile-enabled app for student athlete tracking and success.

NeuroTrainer Prime

Rapid mental activation tools for pre-game and practice readiness.


Learn how NeuroTrainer Improved Skutt Catholic Volleyball's Aces by 60% and Reduced Serve Errors by 48%.


Unlock Peak Performance With Precision Training

NeuroTrainer uses virtual reality to improve key cognitive skills that impact performance in every sport.

Automated Training

Let our AI-driven platform provide tailored cognitive workouts, ensuring athletes train smarter, not harder.

Tailored Solutions

Deploy customized training plans that align perfectly with your school’s specific needs.

Comprehensive Coverage

All teams, from varsity to junior varsity, benefit from NeuroTrainer’s expansive library of cognitive drills.

Interested to learn how NeuroTrainer can impact your team?


Use NeuroTrainer regularly before practices and games to measurably improve cognitive abilities.


Enhanced focus in game and academic situations allow you to block out distractions and get in the zone.

Reaction Time

Improve your reaction time so you can respond instinctively to any situation and be where you need to be on time.

Decision Making

Make the right decision more quickly when it matters so you can take that shot or make that pass on time.

Sports Vision

Expand your peripheral vision and see more of the court or field, as well as improve your visual speed of processing.

Situational Awareness

Enhance your awareness of your surroundings so you can keep tabs on players and opponents with ease.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Boost your hand-eye coordination so you can get your hands on the ball more often and take more accurate shots.


Energize your mental wellness initiatives with a powerful science-based tool

Provide a solution to ease anxiety and burnout for your athletes and coaches

Optimized For Focus

Enhance your athletes resilience and mental toughness with modules designed to enhance focus and concentration, helping them deal with the stresses of student athlete life.

Modern Training Tools

Provide your athletes with the latest in cognitive training technology, empowering them to excel and grow.

Backed by the NSF

Get the latest in neuroscience-based cognitive training with technology build in partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Developed in partnership with the National Science Foundation to develop innovative solutions and improve overall cognitive health for students and athletes.

The National Science Foundation’s SBIR Grant Recipient

"I am a major over-thinker. NeuroTrainer helps me practice the ability to move on from mistakes."
Haley Lawson
Athlete, Northwestern Soccer
“NeuroTrainer has added a new level of discipline to our program. When athletes come out, they feel a lot sharper than before they went in."
Chris Gravel
Head Coach, Hillsdale College Volleyball

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Easy Integration Into Coaching Programs

NeuroTrainer is powered by Meta Quest VR headsets, the industry leader in virtual reality training programs. 

Designed for coaches and educators at every level.

Hundreds of coaches & educators have turned to NeuroTrainer to get an edge on the court, field and classroom.

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We’ll show you what NeuroTrainer can do, then help you figure out the best tools for your department.

FAQ's For Coaches

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's find the answers to your questions.

NeuroTrainer is a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) cognitive training system designed to enhance athletes’ mental performance. By focusing on critical cognitive skills like focus, decision-making, and reaction time, it complements physical training, providing a holistic approach to athlete development. Incorporating NeuroTrainer can elevate your coaching by giving your athletes the mental edge needed to excel under pressure, improving both individual and team performance.

NeuroTrainer can seamlessly integrate into your existing training routines without disrupting your established practices. It’s designed to be flexible, allowing for short, effective training sessions that can serve as warm-ups or cooldowns during practice, or be included as part of your off-day training schedules. This ensures that your athletes can develop their cognitive skills without sacrificing physical training time.

Yes, NeuroTrainer is suitable for athletes across all sports and levels of play. Whether you’re coaching a high school basketball team, a college football team, or professional golfers, the cognitive skills developed by NeuroTrainer—such as improved focus, quicker reaction times, and better decision-making—are universally beneficial in enhancing athletic performance.

Teams using NeuroTrainer can expect significant improvements in mental aspects of performance, including enhanced focus during games, quicker decision-making under pressure, improved reaction times, and better situational awareness. These cognitive gains contribute to better overall performance, potentially leading to more wins and fewer errors during competition.

Athlete safety and wellness are at the core of NeuroTrainer’s design. The system is developed based on safe, non-invasive VR technology that emphasizes cognitive development without physical stress. Additionally, by focusing on mental resilience and reducing performance anxiety, NeuroTrainer supports athletes’ mental health, complementing physical safety with psychological wellbeing.

To implement NeuroTrainer, you’ll need a VR headset for each athlete, such as the Meta Quest, and access to the NeuroTrainer application. The system is designed for ease of use and scalability, ensuring that setting up and starting training sessions is straightforward for teams of any size.

Getting started with NeuroTrainer is simple:

  1. Schedule Your Demo: Reach out to our team to discuss your specific needs and how NeuroTrainer can benefit your athletes.
  2. Setup: We’ll guide you through the selection of appropriate VR hardware and the installation of the NeuroTrainer software.
  3. Training: Once set up, you can begin integrating NeuroTrainer sessions into your training routines, with ongoing support from our team to ensure optimal use.

By following these steps, you can quickly incorporate NeuroTrainer into your coaching toolkit and begin realizing the benefits of enhanced cognitive training for your athletes.

Download ADHD Whitepaper

Download “The Effects of Cognitive Training on Attention and Schoolwork in Students”

Learn how NeuroTrainer impacted ADHD symptoms in students, with results including a 7.5% improvement in schoolwork behavior, and a 14.3% improvement in ADHD severity.