2021 | NBC NEWS

NBC News: Athletes use NeuroTrainer to improve mental skills

The Gretna Elite Academy’s United Women’s Soccer Club has been using NeuroTrainer this summer and are seeing positive results. “I’ve taken a lot more shots and take players one on one more,” Prokop said. “I think it’s my decision making that’s changed a lot and I’ve scored like seven goals in six games.”

2021 | RED BULL

Challenging Trent Alexander Arnolds Vision

New video from Red Bull shows how Premier League footballer Trent Alexander-Arnold used NeuroTrainer to improve his vision and decision making abilities to score the ultimate goal. 


St. Ignatius Girls Basketball gets an edge with NeuroTrainer

“Their focus was better, their tolerance was better, their ability to shake off and focus on the nxt play was better. As a coach and coaching staff, we’ve seen the biggest difference in how they’re responding to us in how we bring up new drills – their attention, focus and ability to execute is a lot better.” – Coach Maya Fok

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