Advanced VR Cognitive Training Solutions For Government & DOD

Enhance Military Readiness and Resilience with Advanced VR Cognitive Training

  • Backed by Neuroscience and Developed with the National Science Foundation
  • Proven to Improve Situational Awareness and Decision-Making
  • Easily Integrates with Existing Defense Training Programs

Performance Optimization For Government Applications

Advanced cognitive training solutions that leverage virtual reality (VR) technology to optimize cognitive performance, resilience, and readiness among government and Department of Defense (DoD) personnel.

Optimize Readiness

  • Improve attention, processing speed, and situational awareness
  • Enable quick and accurate responses to threats and operational demands.

Improve Resilience

  • Increase mental endurance and self-regulation
  • Support optimal cognitive performance and emotional control in high-pressure situations.

Enhance Precision

  • Strengthen impulse control, decision-making, and cognitive adaptability
  • Equip personnel with the abilities for precise and effective mission execution.

Grounded in Science

Developed In Partnership with the National Science Foundation

Grounded in rigorous scientific research that shows the efficacy of cognitive training for improving situational awareness, decision making under pressure, and overall cognitive function. Our platform was developed in partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and is based on cutting-edge research into brain health and cognitive function, ensuring that it meets the unique needs of SOF and SOCOM communities.

Cognitive Priming for Peak Readiness

NeuroTrainer prepares users for optimal performance by engaging specific brain pathways. This process induces mental states like alertness, focus, motivation, and calm, improving readiness for up to 90 minutes post-training.

Leverage Neuroplasticity & Neurochemical Pathways

NeuroTrainer’s cognitive training methods are rooted in principles of neuroplasticity, which refers to the brain’s capacity to restructure itself through learning experiences. Training modules promote synaptic plasticity and long-term potentiation, leading to improved information processing and skill acquisition. Training with NeuroTrainer triggers the release of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and acetylcholine, enhancing awareness, focus, and motivation. Dopamine plays a critical role in fueling perseverance during cognitive challenges.

Monitor Cognitive Performance Over Time

NeuroTrainer offers a 5-layered cognitive analysis tool called NeuroScore, which allows SOF and SOCOM members to monitor their cognitive performance over time. This tool includes analysis of cognitive skills such as Reaction Time, Multi-Tasking, Decision Making, Impulse Control, and Peripheral Vision.

Validated DOD Case Studies

In a comprehensive case study with military members, NeuroTrainer showed significant cognitive skill improvements among aviator candidates. 

Over 24 days, 10 candidates trained with NeuroTrainer, with 6 completing at least 300 minutes of training. The results revealed specific improvements across various cognitive domains, mapped to the OODA Loop cycle, the decision-making rubric that measures rapid and effective responses in military operations. These improvements collectively contributed to better overall mission readiness and cognitive performance in high-stress environments.

Case Study: MSRT West Improves Cognitive Processing Speed

The MSRT West study demonstrated significant cognitive improvements among Advanced Tactical Operators, with enhancements in visual speed, decision-making, and task switching during high-threat operations.


Take in new information (Visual Speed of Processing)
Result: 37ms -> 15ms (60% Improvement)


Filter & analyze information (Choice Reaction Time)
Result: 524ms -> 430ms (18% Improvement)


Insight & Execution Under Pressure (Decision making speed)
Result: 500ms -> 437ms (13% Improvement)


Update to new context / environment (Task Switching)
Result: 98ms -> 26ms (74% Improvement)

Integrated Cognitive Training Suite Optimized For Government Applications

Empower your programs with a streamlined cognitive training solution. 

NeuroTrainer Prime

Rapid mental activation tools for pre-game and practice readiness.

NeuroTrainer VR App

VR platform for immersive cognitive skill development.

NeuroTrainer Analytics

Real-time data analysis and reporting on progress.

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FAQ's For Government & DOD

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's find the answers to your questions.

NeuroTrainer is an advanced cognitive training platform leveraging VR technology to enhance cognitive performance, resilience, and readiness among military personnel.

NeuroTrainer improves situational awareness, decision-making, and response times through scientifically-backed training modules designed to engage specific brain pathways.

Yes, NeuroTrainer is developed in partnership with the National Science Foundation and is grounded in rigorous scientific research on cognitive function and brain health.

NeuroTrainer is designed to seamlessly integrate with current defense training programs, providing flexible and scalable cognitive training solutions that complement traditional methods

NeuroTrainer enhances skills such as reaction time, multi-tasking, decision-making, impulse control, and peripheral vision, crucial for effective military operations.

NeuroTrainer is a software solution that operates exclusively on the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, a widely available and cost-effective virtual reality platform. We do not sell hardware directly, as our focus is on providing the most advanced cognitive training software for athletes. This approach allows us to ensure that our software is accessible and can be easily integrated into athletic programs of any size. Licensing NeuroTrainer means gaining access to our comprehensive customer success services, designed to streamline the setup process and ensure your department can quickly benefit from our cognitive training system with minimal effort. Our team is committed to guiding you through every step, from initial setup to ongoing support, making it effortless to incorporate NeuroTrainer into your training regimen.

Getting started with NeuroTrainer is simple. Contact us through our website to schedule a demo and consultation with our team. We’ll discuss your program’s specific needs, goals, and how NeuroTrainer can be integrated into your unit. From there, we’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment and training to launch the system.

You can schedule a demo or inquire about purchasing NeuroTrainer by filling out the demo request form or contacting our sales team directly.

Download ADHD Whitepaper

Download “The Effects of Cognitive Training on Attention and Schoolwork in Students”

Learn how NeuroTrainer impacted ADHD symptoms in students, with results including a 7.5% improvement in schoolwork behavior, and a 14.3% improvement in ADHD severity.