St. Albert partners with NeuroTrainer to improve athletic performance

Published in The Daily Nonpareil

Written by Peter Huguenin

NeuroTrainer Rep Sarah Anderson onboards the St. Albert PE class.

Most people probably wouldn’t notice a difference in their performance after a few times using a brain training app, but the St. Albert girls soccer team has noticed a difference in their ability to stay focused during games. 

“We’ve noticed that our girls are able to stay on task a little bit longer and be in the moment,” says coach Hughes.

“It’s helping them develop their focus.”

NeuroTrainer is also being used to improve hand-eye coordination, which has shown to be effective for athletes in sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball.

St. Albert is also starting to use NeuroTrainer in physical education classes to hopefully improve students’ focus in classrooms as well.

Head PE teacher Luke Hall said he hopes to use it in physical education classes to improve students’ focus.

“We’re hoping to implement NeuroTrainer this school year because we think it’s something that will be beneficial to our students,” Hall said.

“We want to find ways to give our students that extra boost to help them succeed.”

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