NeuroTrainer launches in Canada’s largest boxing facility

By Jamie Moran

Griffin’s Boxing & Fitness in North Vancouver, BC is known for training elite athletes. In its 20,000 square foot facility, former boxing champ and now owner/head coach Dave Brett has developed innovative boxing training systems to produce national champions and Olympic hopefuls.

“Our mission is to change people’s lives by building confidence in a safe and welcoming environment,” says Dave. “We try and create leaders within our athletes, we try and create a sense of personal pride, sense of personal achievement.”

With a mind for innovation and early adoption, he quickly saw the potential in using NeuroTrainer to help his athletes get to the next level.

“It’s an athlete priming tool that’s honing their mind to get focused on what they need to do in the competition,” Dave said. “If we can make decisions faster than our opponent, then we’re on the win.”

NeuroTrainer is now being used to help prime the leading boxers from Griffins, Jonny “Flex” Hannah and Nyousha “Ny” Nakhjiri.

With about 55 amateur bouts, Jonny is enthusiastic about the potential of NeuroTrainer. “This is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever done,” Jonny said between trainings. “It expalins it all to you, and allows you to work on something without having to be in that exact scenario.”

With her eye set on national championships and later on the Olympics, Ny uses the platform prior to training. “It’s totally immersive,” Ny said while wrapping up. “It helps me get locked in and helps me focus on my reaction.”

Both Ny and Jonny use NeuroTrainer 45 minutes before training to prime their mind and stimulate neuroplasticity. The goal is to improve their brain’s ability to be in a malleable state, and improve skill acquisition and retention.

“Athletes are saying they’re more focused and seem to be slipping the punches better,” Dave reported. “They’re reacting faster and they’re enjoying it.”

In addition to boxing gyms, NeuroTrainer is now available at amateur training facilities, high school teams and other performance training gyms.

“Do I see this as a useful tool for gyms? Absolutely. The cost of entry is low and the benefits are high.”

Visit Griffins Boxing & Fitness Club at www.griffinsboxing.com

To learn more about NeuroTrainer, visit www.neurotrainer.com.



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