Training upgrade coming to NeuroTrainer June 18 2020

We are excited to share that on Thursday, June 18th we will be releasing our first major update of 2020! This update includes a collection of enhancements and features, many of which have been driven by direct feedback from our customers.

Here are a few of the highlights:

A robust set of upgrades to the PADL experience:

“PADL” stands for “Perception-Action-Decision Loop” and is one of NeuroTrainer’s core trainings, optimizing both speed and accuracy in a fast-paced cognitive challenge. 

Updated PADL Physics
  • New PADL environment with enhanced physics and improved 3D depth perception.
  • “Training” is now more adaptive, allowing for more individualized and more personalized experiences.
  • Voice-over is now driven by the app’s AI so athletes will receive guidance and encouragement based on their performance.
  • Integrated heads-up text displays provide additional instruction and shorten learning curves.
  • The intensity of “Training” more closely mirrors that of “Competition.”
  • New all-time leaderboard displays the top eight PADL competitors of all time.

Updated navigation, menus and UI features:

Getting around the NeuroTrainer app has been optimized so you can quickly move through the system, in addition to general user experience improvements.

Updated voices, including Spanish
  • VO now adapts as the athlete navigates the menus thereby providing more useful information and guidance.
  • The left Oculus controller now allows athletes to pause and exit training at any time.
  • Athletes can now choose from a selection of voices.
  • New background music.
  • New demo experience provides a quick introduction to all the elements of the NeuroTrainer app.
  • New leaderboards that provide all-time high scores as well as “real-time” status updates.

Have feedback? We’d love to hear from you!

Email us at info@neurotrainer.com with your thoughts. 

-The NeuroTrainer Team
June 2020


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