What is Neurocognitive Therapy?

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What is neurocognitive therapy?

At NeuroTrainer, we provide neurocognitive therapy using neurostimulation, mindfulness meditation, and simulation training to gain control over chronic problems. We use science-based techniques and carefully plan a unique therapy for you based on what your needs are.  By tapping into new brain pathways and increasing neuroplasticity, we can help you calm the mind and find relief from migraine, anxiety-based conditions, concussion and brain-injury and more.

Our bodies have a natural set point for optimal function.  We also have systems in place that respond to stressors.  As different aspects of life creep in, our body may find itself spending more and more time in that state of stress.  If we do not know how to physically and mentally come down from that response, we may experience symptoms of stress such as anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and even physical pain.  Our neurocognitive therapy provides gentle neurostimulation to return the body to its natural set point for optimal function.  You will physically see your heart rate decrease, feel your respirations decrease, and experience a more blissful state of calm.

Once the body has moved to a more restful state, we provide individualized mindfulness meditations using virtual reality for an optimal and fully-immersed experience.  The practice of mindfulness is where you learn to take control of your attention and your thoughts.  With neurocognitive training, you do not simply learn how to tolerate stress but instead build “mental muscle” to “bulk up” your emotional and cognitive batteries.  Like other types of training, we are here to coach you through it.  When you purchase a membership, you most likely have a goal in mind.  You use a trainer to help work towards and meet that goal.  At NeuroTrainer, we are here to coach you along to meet your goal.  What are your goals for neurocognitive control?  Do you have stress/anxiety?  Trouble sleeping?  Migraines?  Concussion?  Or do you simply want to train your mind to function at maximal capacity? 

We provide free consultations, all you need to do is call to set up an appointment.  Stay tuned for our next blog regarding the science behind mindfulness meditation. 

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