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NeuroTrainer is evidence-based software that easily integrates into your practice. Our simulation exercises activate regions of the brain with fun and engaging neuroscience. Medical professionals integrate NeuroTrainer in their practice for a variety of medical needs. Our take-home system makes patient compliance easy and practitioners love the web-based management of patient progress. Artificial intelligence automates and individualizes the training sessions for ease of use.

Practitioners Use NeuroTrainer For


Science now shows that brain injuries should be treated with an active protocol of mental activity. NeuroTrainer's AI software provides individualized and adaptive training to each patient's ability.


Focus, impulsivity, distraction and procrastination are all controlled with areas of the pre-frontal cortex. This region of the brain is highly malleable by training attention, awareness and decision-making.


NeuroTrainer software exercises the brain's perceptual systems that process the visual world. Read more about our 3-week training study which showed dramatic improvement for those with visual impairment.


As we age we often notice difficulties with memory, attention, word retrieval, or even driving safely. This recent study showed a 50% reduction in occurrence of dementia after brain training.


Easy integration of
powerful neuroscience

NeuroTrainer offers convenient and affordable software that seamlessly becomes part of your workflow. Login to our web portal to track and manage patient progress from the cloud, while patients use the in-office version or take-home software.


A key factor in cognitive and physical rehabilitation

Neuroplasticity is a valued part of modern medical science and a key factor in much of our cognitive and physical rehabilitation practices. We designed immersive simulation software to increase neural activity of underutilized regions of the brain. Our adaptive, artificially intelligent software is designed to ensure each user receives the proper mental workout each time they put the goggles on.


Clinicians use NeuroTrainer programs for:


TBI Rehabilitation

Vision Training

Concussion Management


Occupational Therapy


Physical Therapy

Cognitive Aging

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