Concussion Case Study with NeuroTrainer

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Recently we concluded a concussion case study with a participant who experienced a traumatic brain injury categorized as a concussion. In this case study a post-concussive 24 year old female used the NeuroTrainer program. She came to us experiencing many symptoms including headaches, irritability, depression, overwhelmed, photophobia, visual impairment, focus, malaise, and sleep difficulty. She had experienced these symptoms for than a year post-injury and had become resigned to ever fully recovering.

Her NeuroTrainer protocol began on 3/9/2016 and concluded on 10/23/2016. Over the span of this time the participant used the Neuro Trainer program 51 times averaging 2-3 times per week. Our protocol began with a duration of 7 minutes and increased as symptoms permitted. Eventually the participant completed 15-20 minutes per session. These sessions first took place at the NeuroTrainer Center in Marquette, Michigan, then from her home with the mobile system. Every day during the course of the program the participant recorded her rating of symptoms on a scale from 1-10. The data points that were collected included headache, irritability, depression, overwhelmed, visual impairment, photophobia, focus, and malaise. She also recorded the time duration, in minutes, of her NeuroTrainer sessions.

By the end of this case study many of the participant’s symptoms improved. Headache frequency and intensity reduced by half. Regular occurrences of severe irritability were completely eliminated. Photophobia decreased from an 8 to 5 on the scale and a correlation was found between NeuroTrainer and decreased depression. Focus also improved during this time. The collected data provides supports that the NeuroTrainer program can help improve symptoms for a post-concussion victim. This participant also stated, “I truly believe that without the NeuroTrainer intervention, I wouldn’t be able to function as I am now. I would not have returned to school and managed my intense credit load. I would not have adjusted on my own to the big life changes that happened all at once.”

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