What is Athletic Brain Training?

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What is Athletic Brain Training?

The limit of athletic performance is often not physical but brain based.  Athletes spend a huge amount of time training their bodies, but little is done to sharpen their cognitive abilities.  Sharp cognitive abilities are critical to making smart and instinctive decisions during athletic competition.  It doesn’t matter how strong someone’s arm is if it isn’t fast or accurate enough.  We must look at the whole person to yield a better increase for all around performance.

Athletic Brain Training can be approached much the same way as physical training.  By training both the brain and the physical body together you stand to get the most athletic gains.  You can see this in athletes who have an exceptional game or a poor game.  Physical strength may have changed very little but the mental game has.  Have you heard a coach say, “get your head in the game!”  or “training is 10% physical and 90% mental.”  If you want to be the best player you have to train all aspects of yourself including cognitive functions.

Elite athletes can be very similar in physical strength and condition.  What sets them apart is the ability to use what they have and that takes cognitive skill.  The five main cognitive skills worked on with athletic brain training include:  Peripheral vision, anticipation, multi-tasking, decision making and focus  The main objective was rooted in the multiple-object tracking experiments in the 1980s of psychologists Zenon W. Pylyshyn and Ron W. Storm.  Our founder Dr. Jeff Nyquist’s research in the early 2000’s working with legally blind children led to more discoveries.  Tracking multiple objects simultaneously challenges visual and cognitive systems such as spatial awareness, concentration and working memory.   No one is born with these elite skills.  They must be learned and trained in order to be sharpened. The best players in the world stand out from the rest because they are able to read plays faster and make quicker, better decisions under pressure. 

What do you do to be the best?  The NeuroTrainer solution offers ease of use and the opportunity of portability with cutting edge technology based in proven neuroscience.  Multiple hours on a bus, plane or train that could be seen as wasted opportunities can now be optimized for each athlete.   With the vast number of hours spent on physical training why would anyone neglect a mere 45 minutes a week to improve their own overall game?  You will not improve if you do not train.  What are you waiting for?  Start your journey today!


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