How Does Brain Training Work?

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Science Lesson of the Day. This is your brain. It is made of 100 billion neuron cells with thousands of connections per cell. This makes it the most complex entity in the known Universe. Astonishingly, it is always changing! It adapts and rewires it’s hundreds of trillions of connections based on our thoughts, choices or injuries. This is called Neuroplasticity.

Neurotrainer brain training leverages this powerful process to help people with traumatic brain injuries and other health concerns. We leverage the brain’s inherent ability to heal itself! Call us your Physical Therapist for your brain.

We have taken the best computer-based technologies from the neuroscience labs and bundled them into a series of AI-powered exercises. We use a head-mounted display to provide a powerful signal into the visual system because this system is highly-interconnected to the rest of the brain. We use the visual system as the access point to exercise the entire brain. The result is a 14-minute mental exercise that you really feel like you have completed a cardio workout!

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