Stay on top of your game with NeuroTrainer’s new Companion App

We are excited to announce the latest upgrade to NeuroTrainer that will make it easier for you to track your progress, get reminders to train, and check leaderboards… right on your phone!

Introducing the NeuroTrainer Companion App

NeuroTrainer’s new Companion App allows you to easily track your progress and receive training reminders, ensuring that you are always on top of your game.

With the app, you can access leaderboards to see how you rank against other athletes on your team. You can also view your training plan, complete with a detailed breakdown of each module’s purpose. This feature allows you to train with the confidence of always knowing where you are in your program.


Never Miss a Beat

The NeuroTrainer Companion App ensures that you never miss a training session. With reminders that pop up on your phone, you can stay on top of your daily training routine.

Track Your Progress Anytime, Anywhere

Quickly check your NeuroTrainer statistics whenever and wherever you are, right on your phone. This means that you can track your progress on-the-go and stay motivated with your training.

Stay At The Top of The Leaderboard

Have the top spot in PADL or GUST? Check the leaderboard anytime right from the app to make sure you’re still at the top.

How to Install the NeuroTrainer Companion App

It’s easy to install the NeuroTrainer Companion App. Simply open the link on Safari on your iPhone to install the NeuroTrainer Companion App today and experience the ultimate training companion.

Open this link on your phone:

Install NeuroTrainer Companion App >>

We are excited to offer this new upgrade to your NeuroTrainer experience.

Have questions?

Drop us a line at info@neurotrainer.com



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