Product Update: Custom Priming

By Jamie Moran

At NeuroTrainer, we understand the importance of a well-primed brain. Our priming modules, often described as a “warm-up for your brain,” have been designed to activate optimal performance in minutes. These short, high-intensity sessions are perfect for gearing up before practices, games, or any crucial event.

Elevate Your Training with NeuroTrainer’s Custom Priming

Our FiredUp module focuses on complex sequencing to maximize reaction time, decision-making, and coordination, inducing neuroplasticity. As a compliment to FiredUp, LockedIn employs multiple object tracking to expand peripheral vision, ushering in a state of flow and calm focus.


Updated Priming Features:

Athletes can now customize their priming to dial in performance in less time.

Efficient LockedIn Sessions

We’ve reduced the LockedIn duration from 12 minutes down to 7. This ensures athletes and coaches can harness calm, alert focus in less time, optimizing performance on the court.

Custom Priming

Both LockedIn and FiredUp modules are now customizable. Whether you’re pressed for time or want a specific focus, you can adjust the training duration, as short as 4 minutes. Think of it: you can now prime your brain faster than it takes to stretch before practice.

Revamped GUST Tutorial 

We’ve enhanced our GUST training tutorial for a smoother onboarding experience. Athletes can, move through the tutorial faster and get into impactful cognitive training in record time.

Updates will automatically publish to your headsets August 25, 2023. 

With these updates, athletes can prime for just 4 minutes and build up to 60 minutes of “priming” time for their sport. No need to update – it’s all automatic.  Dive in and experience the NeuroTrainer difference!
Can’t access the update? Click here for support.

In other news…

PS – Have you seen our latest Companion App Update? Athletes can now track their performance, leaderboards and get reminders right on their phone. Check it out here.

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