Press Release: NeuroTrainer Secures $1.5 Million in Funding

Press Release: NeuroTrainer Secures $1.5 Million in Funding to Pioneer Cognitive Training Across Athletic, Corporate Wellness, and Digital Health Sectors

San Francisco, CA, Sep 2023 – NeuroTrainer, a trailblazer at the intersection of neuroscience and virtual reality, proudly announces the close of a $1.5 million seed funding round, spearheaded by 9.58 Ventures.

Setting a new paradigm in cognitive performance optimization, NeuroTrainer deploys a cutting-edge blend of proprietary priming modules, comprehensive cognitive skills training, and a scientifically-backed 5-layered cognitive assessment. This unique, data-driven approach is unlocking unparalleled performance gains in athletes, students, and, imminently, corporate professionals.

Noah Rolland, CEO at NeuroTrainer, shared, “This pivotal investment not only propels our core mission to elevate cognitive performance in athletes nationwide but also paves the way for our incursion into uncharted markets like corporate wellness and digital health. With the backing of esteemed industry trailblazers such as 9.58 Ventures, we’re gearing up for an accelerated growth trajectory.”

Fred Toney, General Partner at 9.58 Ventures, commented, “Cognitive optimization is the next frontier in athletic training. NeuroTrainer has not only caught the eye of NCAA coaches, professional teams and athletes, and the Department of Defense affiliates but is also primed to redefine these sectors comprehensively.”

NeuroTrainer is one 9.58 Ventures first investments, which specializes in top performers in athletics and tech. Mr. Toney, a co-founder alongside his partner, Omar Sillah, together have served on over 50 public and private company boards, with several exits leading up to the creation of 9.58 Ventures.

With immediate plans to broaden its presence in college and professional sports, NeuroTrainer is leveraging 9.58 Venture’s robust network of professional athletes, coaches and investors, such as Deion Jones (NFL), David Vanterpool (NBA), Jalen Mills (NFL) and Francis Tiafoe (ATP), to introduce teams like LA Galaxy to unprecedented cognitive improvement.

As the official cognitive training system for the LA Galaxy, NeuroTrainer is already making waves. Michael Rabasca, Director of Cognitive Performance at LA Galaxy, praised the platform: “One of my players recently remarked, ‘Thank God for NeuroTrainer—it’s something I never had at a prior club.’

This new venture funding ensures that many more athletes will share that sentiment.

NeuroTrainer is a top finalist in LG NOVA’s Mission for the Future challenge program, recognized out of 1,300 applicants for its innovation and potential to help create transformative change for the future. LG NOVA is the Silicon Valley based innovation center for LG Electronics.  Its Mission for the Future program is a global program to identify leading companies with innovative concepts and transformative solutions that create a positive impact on people and the planet.

About NeuroTrainer

NeuroTrainer is revolutionizing the fields of athletics and education with its neuroscience-based virtual reality platform. Specializing in youth and college sports, NeuroTrainer’s proven system enhances essential cognitive skills like decision-making and focus. The company is also extending its reach to serve the Department of Defense, corporate performance optimization, and is pioneering research in evaluating NeuroTrainer’s impact on students struggling with ADHD.

About 9.58 Ventures

We’re founded by Omar Sillah, Fred Toney, David Vanterpool (NBA), and Deion Jones (NFL). Collectively, we’ve backed hundreds of companies and professionally excelled in business and sports. WHY 9.58? We focus on the world’s top performers in athletics and tech startups. What better way to express this goal of achieving excellence than honoring Usain Bolt’s historic 100-meter record…in just 9.58 seconds. Years of hard work, perseverance, and talent led to this outcome.  Join us in achieving that excellence every day. OUR MISSION: Back the best entrepreneurs with highly diversified backgrounds building technology companies in these sectors: health, sports, lifestyle, culture, alongside our team of world class athlete investors. We do this by investing in early stage companies and mentoring teams. OUR VISION & LEGACY: Successful people come from all backgrounds and colors, and we help build leading companies run by passionately driven founders. OUR FOCUS: Investing in and mentoring the best technology startups, alongside world class athletes. Typical investment entry points at Seed, A & B rounds. www.958vp.com

For media inquiries, contact:

Jamie Moran, Marketing
Email: jamie@neurotrainer.com

For interested investors, contact Noah Rolland, CEO at noah@neurotrainer.com

For interested investors, the funding round remains open for additional contributions, offering a unique opportunity to be part of NeuroTrainer’s rapidly expanding impact across multiple sectors.



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