Press Release: NeuroTrainer Announces Investment from NOVA Prime Fund, Cementing Its Role as Cognitive Training Pioneer

NeuroTrainer Announces Investment from NOVA Prime Fund, Cementing Its Role as Cognitive Training Pioneer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, December 5, 2023 / NeuroTrainer, a trailblazer at the intersection of neuroscience and virtual reality, today announced an investment through the NOVA Prime Fund, a venture capital fund created by LG Electronics and Clearbrook, LLC. The investment is targeted at broadening the reach of NeuroTrainer’s cognitive training technology beyond athletes to individuals across various sectors.

NeuroTrainer is a mental fitness system that enables athletes to achieve new levels of human performance through cognitive training. The platform combines neuroscience, sports science and immersive media to build training, measurement and neuro-analytics to help athletes improve focus, decision speed, situational awareness, and ultimately overall athletic performance. NeuroTrainer is used by NBA, NHL, MLB, and collegiate DI teams, as well as elite athletes, trainers and coaches.

NeuroTrainer was a top finalist among 1,300 contenders in the 2021 Mission for the Future challenge program, hosted by LG NOVA, LG Electronics’ North American Innovation Center. Recognized for its potential to drive significant change, NeuroTrainer is set for an expanded global presence.

“As NeuroTrainer ventures into new horizons, the investment from NOVA Prime Fund marks a pivotal step in making advanced cognitive training accessible and beneficial to a broader audience,” said Noah Rolland, CEO at NeuroTrainer. “It is a testament to our shared belief in innovation that genuinely impacts lives and heralds a new era in universal cognitive wellness and performance.”

“The NOVA Prime Fund seeks to support digital health innovations that can offer people a healthier lifestyle,” said Ali Diallo, Managing Director at NOVA Prime Fund. “NeuroTrainer’s science-backed approach offers promise for athletic excellence and is a catalyst for overall human improvement in various facets of life and work.”

This investment is on the heels of a recent capital raise led by 9.58 Ventures, which specializes in top performers in athletics and tech. Fred Toney, General Partner, has taken a board seat at NeuroTrainer and continues to support the development of NeuroTrainer’s network in college and professional sports. 9.58’s investor network includes professional athletes, coaches and investors including Omar Sillah, Deion Jones (NFL), David Vanterpool (NBA), Jalen Mills (NFL) and Francis Tiafoe (ATP), among others.

About NOVA Prime Fund

NOVA Prime Fund is a venture capital fund with a target of more than $100M and an objective of investing in private companies focused on clean energy, digital health, immersive AI, and industries of the future. The Fund is managed by ClearImpact Ventures and invests in high-growth technology companies and seeks to accelerate them in collaboration with LG NOVA. Aligned on innovating for a better life, NOVA Prime Fund’s portfolio companies will be predominantly sourced from the Mission for the Future corporate acceleration program, led by LG NOVA, LG Electronics North America Center of Innovation. NOVA Prime Fund will focus on investing in mission-driven companies working towards solutions for a sustainable future for people and the planet.

About NeuroTrainer

NeuroTrainer is revolutionizing the fields of athletics and education with its neuroscience-based virtual reality platform. Specializing in youth and college sports, NeuroTrainer’s proven system enhances essential cognitive skills like decision-making and focus. The company is also extending its reach to serve the Department of Defense, corporate performance optimization, and is pioneering research in evaluating NeuroTrainer’s impact on students struggling with ADHD.

For media inquiries, contact:

Jamie Moran, Marketing

Email: jamie@neurotrainer.com

For interested investors, contact Noah Rolland, CEO at noah@neurotrainer.com

With the funding round still open, prospective investors have a unique chance to join NeuroTrainer’s mission of expanding cognitive empowerment across diverse sectors.



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