NeuroTrainer wins LG NOVA ‘Mission for the Future’ Challenge as a Top 10 Finalist

By Jamie Moran

NeuroTrainer wins LG NOVA ‘Mission for the Future’ Challenge as a Top 10 Finalist! Now both NeuroTrainer and LG will begin developing partnership to commercialize the first cognitive training system for corporate wellness.

SAN FRANCISCO — The LG Electronics North American Innovation Center, LG NOVA, has selected NeuroTrainer among 10 Finalist companies for its Mission for the Future global challenge program.

Representing multiple potential business paths in three industries, the companies will be working with the LG NOVA team to collaborate on new business ventures, alongside continuing to grow and scale their companies, qualifying for potential investment from LG and other investors within LG NOVA ecosystem to develop impactful solutions for people, communities and the planet.*

“This inaugural year of our challenge demonstrated how effective and powerful collaboration between technology startups and established corporations can help accelerate the innovation process,” said LG Electronics Senior Vice President of Innovation Dr. Sokwoo Rhee and head of LG NOVA.

“Congratulations to the Finalists and all the companies that participated in the Mission for the Future challenge. We look forward to the journey with these companies innovating for a brighter, more technologically advanced future.”

NeuroTrainer was selected from an initial pool of approximately 1,300 applicants. They first were named part of the First 50 in February 2022. They then moved to the Next 20 and secured an investment of $100,000 from LG NOVA. Finally, they have advanced as winners of the top spot after working closely with the LG NOVA Entrepreneur-In-Residence team over a six- to nine-month period to build and test the proposals.

“These incredible companies hold the potential of changing the world.”

Dr. Sokwoo Rhee, Head of LG Nova

Throughout the process, the team at NeuroTrainer met with LG business teams and other investors within the LG NOVA ecosystem. All finalists were presented to LG Electronics Global CEO William Cho.

This unique challenge program, which has the opportunity to diversify and expand LG’s technology portfolio, prioritizes innovating for a better life across key impact industries, according to Rhee.

“These incredible companies hold the potential of changing the world, and LG looks forward to collaborating with them to leverage innovation to impact society in meaningful ways,” he said.

“NeuroTrainer’s commitment is to build the most effective set of tools to help everyone master their focus and attention.”

Noah Rolland, NeuroTrainer CEO

CEO Noah Rolland was on site to accept the award on behalf of NeuroTrainer.

“We are honored to have this opportunity to work with LG and develop a partnership of innovation,” said Rolland.

“This collaboration will expedite the development of several new features for the NeuroTrainer platform and support our commitment to building the most effective set of tools to help everyone master their focus and attention.”

With this selection of companies, LG NOVA will build new businesses in Digital Health, Electric Mobility and the Metaverse and pursue multiple paths to deliver new services and solutions that will help us move forward faster into the future.



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