Press Release: NeuroTrainer launches with Brown University Football

February 17, 2023

Providence, RI – NeuroTrainer, the leader in VR-based cognitive training for athletes and students, is proud to announce its official launch with Brown University Football.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Brown University Football,” said Noah Rolland, CEO of NeuroTrainer. “Brown’s stature as a leader in innovation fits well with NeuroTrainer’s mission to develop new technologies to push the boundaries of human performance.”

Brown University Football, led by Head Coach Perry, has partnered with NeuroTrainer to improve cognitive skills that are important in football, including focus, decision making and resilience. 

“NeuroTrainer’s exciting because it’s a new way for us to differentiate and get an edge,” said Hunter Williams, Director of Football Operations. “This software is on the cutting edge and gives our student-athletes an opportunity to continue improving away from the field. Our student-athletes are excited to use the software this off-season.” 

The partnership began in Winter 2022, and will include virtual reality training for the whole team and support staff, 130 total. Each athlete will get access to an immersive 3D environment that pushes them to perform at their highest level across a variety of cognitive skills. 

As one of the most talented student-athlete programs in the world, Brown University Football is known for having the most players in the Ivy League who have won a Super Bowl. 

With the help of NeuroTrainer, they hope to achieve their goal of winning the Ivy League.

For more information about NeuroTrainer, visit their website at www.neurotrainer.com or contact Jamie Moran at media@neurotrainer.com 



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