NeuroTrainer Featured as a Top Startup by Best Startup California

January 12, 2023


San Francisco, CA – NeuroTrainer, the innovative brain training company, has been recognized as one of the top startups in California by Best Startup California, a leading authority on startup companies in the state.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by Best Startup California as a top startup,” said Noah Rolland, CEO of NeuroTrainer. “Our team has worked hard to develop a brain training platform that truly makes a difference in people’s lives, and this recognition is a testament to that effort.”

NeuroTrainer’s brain training platform uses cutting-edge technology to improve focus, mental resilience, and cognitive function. The platform was developed in partnership with the National Science Foundation, and has been used by dozens of professional sports teams to improve cognitive skills. Currently, it is in use by over 100 high schools nation-wide and is the official cognitive training platform of the LA Galaxy MLS Team. The software is based on decades of scientific research and is tailored to the individual needs of each user.

“Brain training is becoming increasingly important as our lives become more and more reliant on technology,” said Rolland. “We’re proud to be at the forefront of this field and to be helping people improve life-critical skills like focus and resilience, especially our youth.”

Best Startup California recognizes the top startups in the state based on factors such as innovation, growth potential, and overall impact on the industry. NeuroTrainer was selected from a competitive pool of applicants and will be featured on the Best Startup California website and in their monthly newsletter.

“We’re honored to be recognized by Best Startup California and look forward to continued growth and success,” said Rolland.

For more information about NeuroTrainer, visit their website at www.neurotrainer.com.

Jamie Moran
Email: jamie@neurotrainer.com



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