How NeuroTrainer impacts volleyball

By Jamie Moran

Omaha's Skutt Catholic Volleyball used NeuroTrainer in their 2020 season and went on to win their 6th consecutive state championship.

“When you get to the top one percent, you’re looking for every edge you can get,” Coach Renee Saunders reflects. “There is a facet of every part of the game that NeuroTrainer helps with.”

NeuroTrainer president Noah Rolland recently interviewed Coach Renee Saunders, head coach of Skutt Catholic women’s volleyball (Omaha, NE), on how NeuroTrainer has impacted her team in the 2020 season.

In 2020, Skutt Catholic won its 6th consecutive state championship, and Renee Saunders was named AVCA National Co-Coach of the year. Lead hitter Lindsay Krause was also named 2020 Player of the Year by Prepvolleyball.com



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