GAME ON: The Battle For Maryland Football Starting Quarterback – Powered By NeuroTrainer

Maryland Football NeuroTrainer VR Quarterback Competition

As the University of Maryland Football gears up for another thrilling season, the Terrapins are leveraging cutting-edge technology to sharpen their quarterbacks’ mental game and refine their on-field skills. NeuroTrainer, a leader in VR cognitive training, has been instrumental in this pre-season, particularly in the intense competition to name the starting quarterback.

How The Maryland Football is Using VR to Help Find Their Next QB

At Maryland Football, the quest to fill the void left by star quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa has taken a high-tech turn with NeuroTrainer’s VR system. This spring, Terrapin quarterbacks have engaged in specialized training sessions using NeuroTrainer’s ‘Fired Up’ module, a cognitive priming tool designed to boost mental agility and focus right before practices. With an average of 20 sessions per player, totaling 578 minutes in the headset, the quarterbacks are not just training their bodies but their brains as well. 

The guys notice a difference between when they use it and when they don't. Guys are taking time out of their busy pre practice schedule, time out of meetings to do it, shows that they like it and that they're taking it seriously.

Priming The Mind For Mental Activation

NeuroTrainer has proven to be more than just a training aid; it’s a critical component in the coaching staff’s toolkit to evaluate each quarterback’s progress and readiness. As the spring game on April 27 marked the conclusion of official spring practices, the detailed cognitive performance data gathered by NeuroTrainer has provided valuable insights.

NeuroTrainer’s priming, or “mental activation” modules have different outcomes for different players. While some players used the immersive reaction time and decision making tool, Fired Up, to help them move on from mistakes on the field, others used it a more relaxing approach in Locked In, in order to achieve what some players referred to as a “zen state” before practices.

This technology not only helps in accelerating player development but also offers a unique perspective on the quarterback battle that is unfolding. Coaches are able to log into NeuroTrainer’s online dashboard to track training progress, cognitive skill improvement against baseline and training plan adherence for each athlete.

The NeuroTrainer Edge

The use of NeuroTrainer at Maryland exemplifies how modern technology can enhance traditional training methods. The quarterbacks, each competing for the top spot, have utilized the VR platform to hone skills that are crucial under the intense pressures of game day. NeuroTrainer’s role extends beyond training; it’s a barometer for coaching staff to gauge improvement in real-time, ensuring that decisions are data-driven and that athletes are performing at their cognitive best.

How Maryland Football Uses NeuroTrainer

The integration of NeuroTrainer into the program’s routine is a component of their overall athletic training protocol for the season. As the team gears up for the competitive season, they’ve adopted a systematic approach to cognitive training, aiming to sharpen their quarterbacks’ mental agility ahead of practices. This includes dedicated NeuroTrainer sessions three times a week, specifically scheduled before practice to prime their minds for the challenges ahead.

The 2024 Maryland Football NeuroTrainer Roster

Each quarterback brings a history of excellence to the competition:

Billy Edwards

A 6’4” Junior from Springfield, VA, transferred from Wake Forest in 2022. He started two games for Maryland in 2022 and appeared in eight games during the 2023 season. He also started, earned MVP honors, and secured a victory over Auburn in the 2023 TransPerfect Music City Bowl.

MJ Morris

A 6’1” four-star Sophomore from Carrollton, GA, and the most recent transfer from NC State at the end of 2023. Played in nine games over the past two seasons for NC State, starting in seven of them, and holds a 5-2 record as a starter.

Jayden Sauray

A 5’11” four-star Sophomore from Lanham, MD. Ranked as the top high school quarterback in Maryland and the 8th best player in the state by ESPN. Led Wise High School to the 2020 4A State Championship.

Cameron Edge

A 6’0” four-star Sophomore from Clayton, DE, ranked as the 11th best high school quarterback in the country by ESPN. He was also the top-ranked player in Delaware and was named First Team All-State and 3A Offensive Player of the Year in 2021. He appeared in 2 games in the 2023 season for Maryland and threw his first (college) career touchdown in the TransPerfect Music City Bowl.

Champ Long

A 5’11” freshman from Jersey City, NJ, named to the 2022 USA Today First Team All-New Jersey and a finalist for the New Jersey High School Player of the Year.

Why Use Mental Priming Before Practice

The choice to engage with NeuroTrainer before hitting the field is strategic. The ‘Fired Up’ module is designed to elevate their alertness and enhance decision-making under pressure. This cognitive priming tool is not just about warming up the body but also about firing up the neural pathways, ensuring the quarterbacks enter the practice field with their mental faculties fully activated. This routine helps prepare them mentally for the rigorous demands of practice.

How to Improve Focus With Fired Up

‘Fired Up’ was designed to enhance concentration and mental response times. By engaging in targeted cognitive exercises, quarterbacks can train their brains to process information more quickly and react swiftly to dynamic game-day situations. The players enter into the virtual training world, and engage with a variety of athletic-inspired mental activation drills, including reaction time, decision making, head check, visual memory, peripheral vision – all integrated into a series of consecutive motions that build endurance, resilience and focus.

What Athletes Are Saying About NeuroTrainer

Feedback from the athletes themselves has been positive. They note a distinct improvement in their mental readiness and overall performance on days they utilize NeuroTrainer compared to days they don’t. Some athletes have expressed a preference for the immersive and interactive nature of the training, which not only enhances their focus but also makes the mental preparation process engaging and enjoyable.

The Season Ahead

As the team transitions out of spring and into summer preparations, NeuroTrainer will continue to be a vital part of the athletes’ regimen. With the NCAA compliance break until May 28, the team is set to return with renewed focus and enhanced skills, thanks in part to their ongoing cognitive development with NeuroTrainer.

NeuroTrainer is committed to pushing the boundaries of athlete training, and our partnership with Maryland Football is just one example of how our technology is revolutionizing sports. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow the Terrapins’ journey to a new season filled with potential and promise.

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GAME ON: The Battle For Maryland Football Starting Quarterback – Powered By NeuroTrainer

As the University of Maryland gears up for another thrilling football season, the Terrapins are leveraging cutting-edge technology to sharpen their quarterbacks’ mental game and refine their on-field skills. NeuroTrainer, a leader in VR cognitive training, has been instrumental in this pre-season, particularly in the intense competition to name the starting quarterback.

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