Our Vision is to enable athletes to achieve new levels of human performance and unlock greater potential for everyone.

To achieve their full potential, athletes must have a strong body and a strong mind.

NeuroTrainer is a Mental Fitness system that enables athletes to achieve new levels of human performance with cognitive training to train the mind. We combine neuroscience, sports science and immersive media to build training, measurement and neuro-analytics where athletes improve focus, decision speed, and situational awareness that translates to overall athletic performance.

NeuroTrainer is used by NBA, NHL, MLB, and collegiate DI teams, as well as elite athletes, trainers and coaches.

Where we're going

Noah Rolland takes a hands-on approach with NeuroTrainer from leading sales and customer teams to developing strategies for new markets to fundraising and investor relations.

Noah has always been ingrained in the business development and strategic side of business, with more than 20 years of experience in realizing business expansions, establishing new technologies and platforms to develop products, and recruiting and training focused teams to outperform annual revenue targets.



Jeff Nyquist


Rooted In Neuroscience

Dr. Jeff Nyquist has spent the past 15 years on a mission to discover and apply how we can use our brain in new ways to improve quality of life. He launched his mission applying his science to enable visually impaired children to regain aspects of their vision and improve their quality of life. He realized one person’s rehabilitation tool is another person’s performance enhancement.

Jeff set out to build something accessible to anyone who wants to improve their life. He combined cutting edge neuroscience with technology to work with thousands of athletes to build the foundation for NeuroTrainer. NeuroTrainer is now the cognitive tool of choice for athletes to get an edge on their competition by training their brain. Jeff’s vision is to someday use the same athletic training for anyone who wants to train their minds. We call this Mental Fitness.

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Justin Pan


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Currently working with professional & collegiate sports teams and elite performance training gyms.

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Download ADHD Whitepaper

Download “The Effects of Cognitive Training on Attention and Schoolwork in Students”

Learn how NeuroTrainer impacted ADHD symptoms in students, with results including a 7.5% improvement in schoolwork behavior, and a 14.3% improvement in ADHD severity.