The Gym For your mind

Virtual reality brain training for athletes


We design Mental Fitness systems for athletes
to achieve new levels of performance.

NeuroTrainer uses neuroscience and virtual reality to optimize brain performance & collect neurocognitive data that leads to improved decision making, focus and vision.

Redefining Mental Fitness


Take the initial baseline calibration and measure your abilities across 5 areas shown to impact athletic performance. 


Push yourself in a variety of fast-paced brain-based challenges in virtual reality. Think of it like a gym for your mind. 


Compete against your teammates, and more importantly – against yourself. Join in weekly competition modes and improve your score.

Neuro-analytic data for meaningful athletic insights

Targeted NeuroScore™ analytics and tools to measure, compare and improve overall cognitive performance including visual acuity, peripheral vision, reaction time, complex decision making, multi-tasking, focus and attention.


How It Works

Train Your Mind. Improve Your Game.

Improve Decision Speed

MLB players decreased decision making time by
48 milliseconds in impulse control tests.

Quicker Task Switching

Rapidly responding to new stimuli earned one NCAA hockey team 5% more faceoff wins.

Expanded Field of Vision

An MLS team’s analytics department attributed a 7% gain in their season point total to NeuroTraining

Greater Situational Awareness

NBA players reported the ability to better find and create space on the court

Enhance Focus

NCAA volleyball players primed their minds before hitting the court.

Build Endurance

MLB pitchers improved their ability to stay “locked in” deeper into games.

Founded in Neuroscience

Recipient of NSF Small Business Innovation Research Grant

Recipient of Air Force (AFWERX) Small Business Innovation Research Grant

Developed in Schools for the blind


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